At Year’s End


Dear Friends,

You’ve noticed, no doubt, a lull in activity on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog spaces. Near radio silence, it seemed. I’d like to tell you why before moving on to some exciting news.

Kazka’s been maintained by a few folks behind the scenes, but recently those fine folks have moved on to new ventures, and it’s been just me (LLL) over the past six months. These past four months, the fall 2012 semester, has been an epically  busy time for me at work. This semester was my ‘tenure semester,’ meaning that the decision on whether or not I’d be granted tenure at the college I work at was made. Thus, 98% of my attention was on my job. Being a professor was my dream job since I was young, and I really wanted to pull out all the stops in the final semester. And I did.

And I am happy to report that I have been granted tenure.

That doesn’t mean that the hard work at the college is behind me (though some of the stress is). The work is really just beginning. I’m taking on a much larger role on campus, putting my weight behind projects and programs I truly believe in. It’s a very exciting time for me and my family.

But it’s also an exciting time for Kazka Press. We’ve just published At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories ($2.99 on Kindle and Nook), a wonderful collection of SFF flash fiction centered on end of year rituals. And from that volume, we’re nominating two stories for the Micro Award.

A Unicorn for Christmas by Beth Cato

Autumn Waits by Ken MacGregor

We’ll be posting each of these stories from At Year’s End on our website to advertise our new ebook (and to let you know how awesome these stories are). Stay tuned.

Another new development for Kazka is also a bittersweet one. Due to my increased duties at the college (and upcoming changes in our family), I have to take a step back from Kazka Press. Thus, starting with the February 2013 issue, I’ll no longer be editing/curating the monthly issue. Instead, I’ll retain my role as publisher and edit and curate the occasional ebook anthology. I’m sad to relinquish my ‘thumb in the pudding,’ as it were, but it’s not all bitter news.

In fact, there’s some great news coming out of this change!

Michael Haynes has agreed to become the Editor of the monthly issues. Starting 1 January, Michael will be reading and responding to the stories we publish on a monthly basis. He’ll also be creating the prompts beyond those I’ve already noted on the page. I am looking forward to the touch he puts on the stories selected for Kazka in the upcoming months. Kazka Press is in very, very good hands with Michael, and I cannot wait to see how it grows under his stewardship. So check out the 713 Flash themes and send us your best stuff!

I’m currently reading stories for the January 2013 issue. We’ll be publishing on 3 January 2013, so keep an eye out for our new issue!

Thanks for making 2012 a great year. Here’s to 2013!


To date, we’ve received 43 submissions for our At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories anthology call. Here’s the breakdown:

Five stories have been accepted.

  1. Matthew Johnson, author of stories in Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Strange Horizons, with “A Visit, A Gift” (Christmas).
  2. Deborah Walker, author of stories in Daily Science Fiction, Nature, and a forthcoming piece in Unidentified Funny Objects (among many other markets), with “Hatsuyume” (Omisoka (New Year)).
  3. Zach Shephard, author of a story in Flash Fiction Online and a forthcoming story in Unidentified Funny Objects, with “When Friends Come to Call” (Christmas).
  4. Alexis A. Hunter, author of stories in Kazka Press, Interstellar Fiction, and The Ghost is the Machine anthology, with “A Reason to Linger” (New Year).
  5. Alex Shvartsman, author of stories in Nature, One Buck Horror, Stupefying Stories, and Kasma SF, with “Nuclear Family” (Christmas, reprint).

Four stories have been moved into second round consideration.

Thirty-four stories have been passed on.

We’ve targeted a 15-day response time, but we’ve been able to respond to most pieces within 3 days.

For this anthology, to be published in December, we’ll be donating 5% of profits to Duotrope, everyone’s favorite writer’s market.

So send us your stories!