Sundry Sunday


The print version of Bronies is discounted $5 (down to $8.99) for 24 hours only! Thanks for helping us hit 100 likes on Facebook.

Cat Rambo has a new collection of fiction, Near + Far, available from Hydra House.

Space Porn, via @io9

Sword and Mythos met its funding goal, but more couldn’t hurt.

Unidentified Funny Objects ToC revealed. It’s a good one!

A Brief history of the Vampire Novel, via Kirkus.

First Star Cluster Planets Found, via NatGeo.

Harper Voyager Digital Submissions Publishing Opportunity, 1-14 October.

25 Things You Should Know About Metaphor, via @ChuckWendig.



Today’s the last day of the Bronies ebook sale. Available for $4.99 through midnight. Thanks to all those who made Bronies a part of their virtual bookshelves!

Things You Should Know About the ReaderCon Fallout, via G. Valentine. (from 10 Sept)

How Your Body Fights to Keep You Alive When You’re Starving, via @io9. (from 10 Sept)

Sometimes Men Write Women Right, via @tordotcom. (from 11 Sept 2012)

Kazka Press contributor, Nebula and Hugo award winner Kij Johnson has had a book of short stories published by Small Beer Press. Go forth and checketh it out.

Fantasy Books Recommended for D&D Players, via @sfsignal. (from 11 Sept 2012)

This is Your Brain on Jane Austen. (from 13 Sept 2012)

The Iron Throne as You’ve Never Seen It.

Upcoming Deadlines, via @mohio73.

GRRM’s Game of Thrones panel from ChiCon7.

Geek Love: An Anthology of Full Frontal Nerdity kickstarter.

Love Beyond Death 713 Flash contest open til 20 Sept. @11:59:59pm.


  • At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories accepting 500 word (or fewer) submissions. Paying pro rates–5 cents a word.
  • Tonight was the awarding of the Hugos over there at Chicon7! The @UStream feed died after the Dr. Who clips during the ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form’ because of ‘copyright infringement.’ The copyright bots got a little crazy, and UStream got a volley of invectives hurled at it.
  • Kazka Contributor (Bronies) Kij Johnson (@kijjohnson) won a Hugo for ‘Best Novella’ for ‘The Man Who Bridged the Mist,’ an excellent read and an excellent choice.
  • Jo Walton won a ‘Best Novel’ Hugo for Among Others (another excellent read).
  • Ken Liu, Mr. Rising SFF Star, won a ‘Best Short Story’ Hugo for ‘The Paper Menagerie.’ Another well, well-deserved Hugo. (LOVED that story.)
  • Hugo final ballot award results and statistics can be found here.
  • Michael Haynes sold three stories over the weekend–one to our California Cantata anthology.
  • Unidentified Funny Objects got funded on Kickstarter. Looking forward to a hilarious book come November(ish).
  • Neil Gaiman might be writing another Doctor Who episode.
  • ICYMI: painful, hermaphroditic sea-slug sex.
  • GRRM and Gardner have a new anthology, OLD MARS, coming out.
  • Writing Excuses. You’re welcome.
  • Bronies ebook on sale for $4.99 to celebrate LLL’s birthday month. Now til 15 Sept.