4 comments on “At the End of the Primrose Path

  1. Ah, I like the surprise at the end — nicely done, though I did have to Google the date to confirm my suspicion.

    • Thank you, sir. That was one of several ‘easter eggs’ I added to the story. I have a tendency to add references that aren’t necessary to understand the story, but furnish a neat little ‘extra’ for those who get them.

      • I also googled the date, a clever touch, although I am now wondering what other ‘easter eggs’ there were that I missed!

        • Wonder not, the other ‘easter eggs’ are nowhere near as significant as the locale and really wouldn’t be all that big a deal for someone with a larger-than-average vocabulary. Basically, all the ‘big words’ (viridian, ianthine, etc…) in the story are alternate terms for colors and tie into the rainbow (and thus, our protagonist) at the end. Just me playing with the language. Sorry, if I made it seem bigger than it was.

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