7 comments on “Bone Joiners

  1. I liked the reference to “the words most disturbing and impractical chair”! That thought hadn’t crossed my own mind. :)

    Congratulations on your sale. I hope it’s one of many to come.

  2. Thank you! And as for the impracticality of the chairs…At one point I actually interrupted my writing and tried to contort my body into a chair shape to see how it would work. I realized that not only would the witches be perched on uncomfortably narrow bones, but those chairs would also be a bear to balance. The sacrifices people make for revenge and art, I suppose. ;-)

  3. So many great – and creepy and disturbing! – images here. Also, excellent lines, like this one (my favorite, I think) – “where time limps at an uneven gait, stuttering and surging at will.”

    Oh, and the coffee table line? I laughed and shivered at the same time. :)

  4. Hi, Jillian! Betsey shared your story, and I shiver-laughed all the way from word 1 to word 713. It’s tempting to read it as a treatise on the value of art and see what sort of essay might result–a flash essay, you might say, if one happens to be, say, killing time on a slow evening in the writing center. ;-) This is an elegantly shivery site–congratulations!

  5. Thanks, Kim. I just looked up “Skinned” because my memory of the song was rather hazy; I don’t think I’d ever paid close attention to the lyrics before. You’re right — it’s perfect(ly creepy)!

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