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Our current 713 Flash competition has closed to submissions, and our guest editor, Michael Haynes, is busy making his selections. (He’s already read all of the submissions.) In advance of final decisions, which’ll be going out by the 25th, I wanted to speak briefly to this month’s process.

Stories come into our email here at Kazka. I check the stories to make sure there are no names or other marks that could identify the author. Then I place them into a dropbox folder for Michael. He reads the stories and decides to ‘hold,’ ‘accept,’ or ‘reject’ each story. With each decision, he makes notes in a Word Doc, and I use those notes to create personalized acceptance or rejection emails.

For October’s ‘Love Beyond Death’ theme, we received 45 submissions. Once final decisions are made, I’ll lay out the submission statistics with the new issue, out 1 Oct.

Until then, thanks for gracing us with some truly wonderful submissions.